Create a Referral Attitude

December 12, 2011 8:45 am

Think about what would be different for you if you received all or most of your business from referrals.  This could be the the optimal result for you. Having raving fans that knew exactly what you did, that your customer experience was world-class beyond all others and your best clients told everyone they knew. The sooner you can feel good about the process of getting referrals, the sooner you will become highly referable.

Incorporate these seven concepts into your daily activities to create a referral attitude:

Realize that the purpose of your business is to grow the referrals.

Empower yourself to work with people you like.

Focus on doing the activities and actions that generate referrals.

Establish a set of boundaries and communicate them clearly to your clients and colleagues.

R esolve to solve any challenge that prevents you from being a service to your clients.

Run your business as if what others think about you makes no difference.

Advise your clients without every compromising your integrity.
Love to help with an open heart, even with your client's heart is closed.

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